Flex Quick Tip
October 1, 2009
What is WIREX?

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WIREX, which stands for Wisconsin Real Estate Exchange, is a cooperative effort of Metro MLS, South Central WI MLS and Northeast WI MLS to combine and share listing data among their members.

As a reminder, when you log into FlexMLS, you have the choice of viewing Metro MLS listings that you currently use, or you can select WIREX, which will allow you to view listings from the South Central WI and Northeast WI MLSs.

Where listings are found in FlexMLS is not driven by property location, but by membership of the listing member/office. For Metro MLS members, that means when you enter your listings into FlexMLS, your listings will be found in Metro REGARDLESS of location of the property. If you search WIREX in FlexMLS for your listing, it will not be there UNLESS you have membership with South Central and/or Northeast and have entered your listing within their associated MLS systems.

For more information on WIREX, refer to How to Use WIREX and How to Perform a Combined Search of Listings for Metro MLS and WIREX.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450 or e-mail support@metromls.com

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