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April 21, 2011
My Sent E-mails

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Tips for My Sent E-mails

A quick and efficient way to follow-up with your Contacts to verify they are opening e-mails you send them, is using the My Sent E-mails screen. This can be accessed by clicking Contacts > My Sent E-mails. Things you can verify include:

  • Date and Time Sent - This column shows the date and time your e-mail was successfully sent from FlexMLS.
  • Last Viewed At - This column displays the date and time your Contact last viewed the e-mailed listing link.
  • Hit Count - This is the number of times your Contact clicked the e-mailed link to view the sent listings.

If the Last Viewed At and Hit Count columns are blank and zero repectively, after an appropriate amount of time, you may want to follow up with your Contact to see if they have received the sent e-mail. Many possibilities exist as to why they may have not received it, ranging from spam/junk mail, incorrect e-mail address, typos, or issues on the receiving mail server's end.

For more information on using the My Sent E-mails screen, click the following link:

My Sent E-mails

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