Flex Quick Tip
June 11, 2009
Did You Know ...

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Tip #1: Is your listing mapped correctly?

Best Practice: After you enter your listing, verify that the address has been mapped correctly. Edit your listing from the Change Listing screen and click on the Map Location to bring up the map for your listing.

  • Check to see if the pin marking your listing is in the correct location.
  • If the pin is not where it should be, click and drag the pin to the correct location.
  • Next, click Use This Location in the bubble above the pin to save the location.
  • Your change is complete and you will be returned to the Edit Listing screen.

Tip #2: How can I access FlexMLS Wireless?

Tip #3: I am looking for a new phone; what will work with FlexMLS Wireless?

  • With the variety of cell phones available, your best bet is to try it before you buy it.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450 or e-mail support@metromls.com

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