November 1, 2010
November FYI

Expiration of Unread Automatic E-mail Events

The Metro MLS implemented a new feature on August 24th that will help agents manage their automatic Contact e-mail events. To ease this transition, existing events have been given a full 90 day window before unread events would begin to expire.

The new process has the following key parts:

Notice to Agent of Unread E-mails – Each Monday flexMLS will send out an e-mail to each MLS subscriber with “unread” in the subject line (meaning the contacts have not clicked on their emails in the last 90 days). This will let agents know their clients are not looking at their e-mails and that action will be needed to continue sending them. The e-mail notice will provide a link to a report in the system (Automatic E-mails page) that will show all the events about to expire and allow the user to extend the event. If the user does not extend an event, it will expire automatically.

Expiration of Events – Expiration does not delete the event – it deactivates it and stops sending e-mails. You may extend the event after it has expired.

Extending Events – If an event is expired or about to expire, you may extend the event from the Contact Management page, Contact Summary Report, Saved Searches page or the Automatic E-mail page.

For more detail on this feature, please see the Automatic E-Mail Events user guide.

License Renewal

All Wisconsin real estate licenses will expire on December 14, 2010. To avoid interruption of your MLS services and/or to avoid having to re-apply for MLS membership, be sure you have renewed your license with the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL). For more information regarding licensing go to the DRL web site:

Re-Use/Copying MLS Photos

Photos are copyrighted material and the property of the listing broker. Unless you have permission from the listing broker, you cannot copy or use the photos from the MLS data base. If you use/copy another broker’s photos without their permission, the photos will be deleted and sanctions will be levied.

Please remember that, as with the remarks, you cannot put showing information, office/agent information, web sites, etc. in any of the photos submitted to the MLS.

The MLS and WIREdata Corporation will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 25th & 26th. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

The MLS appreciates your business and support and looks forward to your comments, questions and suggestions regarding any subject. Contact or call (414) 778-5400.