Flex Quick Tip
July 2, 2013
How to Search Listings After the February 12th Field Updates

On February 12th 2013, Metro MLS installed several new fields to FlexMLS to provide a more robust search and a standardization of fields across both Metro MLS and WIREX searches. As of this date, the following detail range fields are no longer available when entering new listings:

Listings entered as of February 12th will not appear in searches using the old detail range fields listed above - you must use the new fields to find these listings! This includes existing pre-February 12th listings that were edited to use the new fields. Therefore, two searches may be needed to ensure that you are doing due-diligence to find all available listings for your buyer.

The old detail range fields were left in place for searching existing pre-February 12th listings for purposes such as CMAs, statistics, and reports.

A Companion search should be created if you have Saved or Contact searches using any of the above detail range fields that have been removed from the profile sheets.

For assistance in how to create a Companion search, please review Creating a Companion Search for a Contact and Saved Searches.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450.

Or e-mail support@metromls.com. You may also follow our updates at http://twitter.com/metromls.