Flex Quick Tip
December 1, 2011
Green Challenge Update

Thanks to all members who have been uploading documents to your listings!

Back in October, Metro MLS challenged all members to use less paper by uploading documents instead of faxing them in.

The challenge was to cut the number of faxes by 50% to an average of 2000 faxes each month by the end of 2011.

So far, we have cut the number of faxes for Q4 2011 by 36%. We have until the end of December to cut the faxes down to 50%.

Keep on uploading!

Why upload your documents?

  • Uploaded documents are attached to your listing immediately, no longer wait up to an hour to see if your faxed document attached correctly to your listing.
  • Uploading gives you more document options.
  • Save on printing and toner costs as well as saving paper.
  • Reduce negative environmental factors by reducing the number of trees harvested for paper manufacturing.
  • Digital storage saves time, space, and headaches!

If you need help, view the following video tutorial on how to upload a document to a listing. You may also refer to KB 84 Document Uploader, KB 158 Convert Documents to PDF, and KB 208 PDF compression software.

NOTE: Uploaded documents have to be 1 MB in size or smaller. If it is larger, there are free software\websites you can use to resize.

Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450.

Or e-mail support@metromls.com. You may also follow our updates at http://twitter.com/metromls.