February 1, 2011
February FYI

Go Green and Save Money!!!

The Metro MLS requires that members mail a copy of the listing contract (first and last page) and a computer print-out of the listing indicating what was entered into the MLS. This procedure required that you make copies of your listing and pay for postage to get them to us.

No More

You can now email your listing contact to the MLS at to avoid making unnecessary copies and paying for postage.

What you need to do:

  1. Scan the first and last page of the standard listing contract as a pdf file. If it is not a standard contract, scan the pages that include the property address, list and expiration dates, authorized seller, compensation information, and listing broker information. You do not need to send a full listing report of the MLS listing.
  2. The name of the file should be the MLS number.pdf (example 1195010.pdf). Contracts emailed in any other format will be returned to the sender. You can send multiple contracts in one email they do not have to be emailed individually.
  3. Email the pdf file to

If you do not want to email your listing contracts you may continue to mail them to the MLS. Please send them along with an MLS listing report to PO Box 733, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0733.

Remember you are required to submit all listing contracts within 48 hours.

The MLS appreciates your business and support and looks forward to your comments, questions and suggestions regarding any subject. Contact or call (414) 778-5400.