December 2, 2010
December FYI

Check Your Inventory

The MLS encourages everyone to check their inventory - at least once a month! Are you being identified as the agent for all your sales? Is your market share being accurately represented? Have you forgotten to report a sale that still shows as pending?

There are currently almost 900 pending listings in MLS (and that does not include Active with Offer). When agents log in as themselves they get a list of their current active and pending listings, their listings that are will expire within the next seven days and listings that have sold within the last 30 days. If you log in as the office you will get the listing information for agents in the entire office. Are all those pending listings still really pending? - check them out and clean them up!

To check your inventory - from the menu bar in FlexMLS go to STATISTICS and then click on INVENTORY REPORTS. Please make all changes/corrections that are needed. If you require assistance please email ( or fax (414-778-6143) your changes to the MLS. We will verify the information and make the appropriate changes. Only MLS staff can make changes to a listing after it has been changed to a sold status.

It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your listing and sales data. Sanctions may be levied for inaccurate/incomplete information or failure to report sales. See section 7.0 of the MLS Rules for more information.

Update Tax Information

In December all property owners will receive their tax bill. Please remember to update your active listings with the new tax information – both tax year and assessed taxes. The tax amount entered into the MLS is the gross tax amount – taxes before any credits.

Marketing Names

The ‘Marketing Name’ was designed for use by teams who want their “team” name to show up on listing reports. The Marketing Name was not designed for self promotion (Jane Doe, #1 seller in the entire state). Inappropriate use of ‘Marketing Names’ will be removed from the system.

The MLS and WIREdata Corporation will be closed on Friday, December 24th, Monday, December 27th and Thursday and Friday, December 30th and 31st. Have a safe and happy holiday!!

The MLS appreciates your business and support and looks forward to your comments, questions and suggestions regarding any subject. Contact or call (414) 778-5400.