Flex Quick Tip
May 9, 2014
Coordinates are Back for Listing Detail Reports!

Metro MLS has listened to your concerns about the removal of the Map Coordinates from the listing detail reports. As a result, Metro MLS has implemented a new Map Coordinates field. This field is complemented with previous coordinate information that existed before the change. Map Coordinates will be displayed on the full listing detail reports.

Although this field has been added back to be used as a reference point, there are two main differences with how Map Coordinates will be utilized going forward. The first is that this field will not be required or reviewed by MLS administrative staff. The second difference is that this field will be unsearchable.

Please enter the coordinates into the text field starting with the N/S coordinate followed by the E/W coordinate for consistent data entry. For example: 24N 24E would be a proper coordinate entry.

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If you want a one page printout as a quick point of reference for your listings, here’s how you can print a map of listings from FlexMLS!

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By using the FlexMLS map search tools you can:

  • Create a radius search from any address, geographical location or landmark. Learn more….
  • Draw a shape on a map and bring up all properties located within that area that match your search criteria. Learn more….
  • Use the Acres Overlay from the map to find acreage information. Learn more….
  • See parcel outlines including lot dimensions, flow of traffic, driving directions, and more.
  • Access parcel info about the properties, whether the properties have ever been listed in MLS or not. Learn more….

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