Flex Quick Tip
January 8, 2009
Tax Report Changes

Tax reports sent out with listings will reflect modifications to tax information.

Minor modifications have been made to the tax information available via FlexMLS. Two existing column names have been changed and one additional column has been added to the Taxes section of the data to accurately reflect changes on Real Property tax bills. The column names that have been changed are:

  • Tax Before Lottery Credit has changed to Total Tax
  • Tax After Lottery Credit has changed to Net Tax

The column that has been added is called First Dollar Credit to reflect the first dollar credit that was created by the 2007 State of Wisconsin Legislature. The First Dollar Credit payment was made in the 2008/09 property tax year and is reflected on the tax information.

Additional inforamtion regarding the First Dollar Credit can be found at: http://www.revenue.wi.gov/ra/08fdc.pdf

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