June 4, 2010
June FYI

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Huge “Going out of the map business” sale!!  The MLS is discontinuing the sale of maps.  Right now you can purchase the Milwaukee/Waukesha Street guide with plastic map for only $2.00 and the Ozaukee/Washington Street guide with map for only $1.00.  These maps retail for $11.95 and $7.95.   Pick them up today at the MLS office before they are all gone!!!   


Correct Procedures for Entering an Address

When entering an address please use normal spacing - no punctuation is necessary.  Street directions are optional, as they do not always apply.  Street names should be entered completely.  The following street tags should be used.  Failure to enter street tags correctly/completely may also result in listings not mapping properly in the flexMLS system or on other web sites.

Avenue     AVE                Court        CT                  Parkway   PKWY             Street       ST

Boulevard  BLVD              Drive         DR                  Place       PL                  Terrace    TERR

Circle        CIR                Lane          LN                  Road       RD                  Trail         TL


Highways with an alpha character (Cty Hwy B) should be entered as County Road B.  Highways with a numeric character (Hwy 12) should be entered as State Highway 12 or US Highway 12.    Enter the street name as it appears in the Tax Information records.  If the property address contains both a N/S and E/W in the address enter as follows:  N12W34467 MAIN ST


Sanction Codes

The MLS has received repeated requests for explanations of the sanction codes that may appear on your invoice.  A $5 sanction will be assessed for the following incorrect or missing information.  The following codes will appear on the invoice following the MLS number. If you have any questions regarding sanctions please call Lynne at the MLS at 414-778-5400.


AD – Address                                        CS – Subagent Commission    NP - Named Prospects

BC - Buyer Agent Commission                   EA – Exclusive Agency          TX – Tax Key Number           

BN – Bonus offered to an agent                 LD - Listing Date                 VC - Variable Commission

BO - Broker Owned                                 LO - Coordinates                 XD - Expiration Date

CO – County                                          MN – Municipality                ZP – Zip Code + 4      

CAT-DEL – Incorrect category (deleted)        


A $5.00 sanction is assessed for inappropriate information in the "Public Remarks" (RMK) or "Directions" (DIR) section.  The codes are as follows.


BN - Bonus Information                    EM - Email/Wed Address        PH - Phone number

CS - Commission Information             LA - Agent Name                  SH - Showing Information

DG - Derogatory Information             OF - Office Name                  WB – Web Address.


The MLS appreciates your business and support and looks forward to your comments, questions and suggestions regarding any subject.  Contact ( or call (414) 778-5400.